Marissa Nadler Charts 'The Path of the Clouds' on New Album

Mary Lattimore, Cocteau Twins' Simon Raymonde, Lightning Dust's Amber Webber and more contribute

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Aug 25, 2021

Marissa Nadler has detailed her ninth studio album. The American singer-songwriter will share The Path of the Clouds on October 29 via Sacred Bones/Bella Union.

The 11-song The Path of the Clouds finds Nadler writing of metamorphosis, love, mysticism, and murder. During pandemic isolation, she learned to play piano, leading her to new sonic territory through composing the album's tracks on that instrument rather than guitar.

Nadler's initial song skeletons were then sent to collaborators including harpist Mary Lattimore, Cocteau Twins bassist Simon Raymonde, Lightning Dust's Amber Webber, Midlake's Jesse Chandler, Emma Ruth Rundle and Milky Burgess.

Album opener "Bessie, Did You Make It?" arrives alongside today's news, and can be heard below alongside a video helmed by Mitch Wells of Thou.

Wells shares in a statement, "When I first got the chance to hear Marissa's new album, and was asked, 'Which song would you like to do a video for?' I sort of panicked because literally every song is SO good. It was like being at a buffet of all your favourite food and only being able to choose one thing to eat. I had a blast making the video, but there was always the pressure of 'don't let down the song.' It's such a beautiful opening track and I'm really lucky I was given the chance to be a part of it."

The Path of the Clouds follows Nadler's 2018 album For My Crimes

The Path of the Clouds

1. Bessie, Did You Make It?
2. The Path of the Clouds
3. Couldn't Have Done The Killing
4. If I Could Breathe Underwater
5. Elegy
6. Well Sometimes You Just Can't Stay
7. From Vapor to Stardust
8. Storm
9. Turned Into Air
10. And I Dream Of Running
11. Lemon Queen

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