Marilyn Manson's Grammy Nomination for 'Best Rap Song' Has Been Withdrawn

He is no longer listed as a songwriter for Kanye West's "Jail"

BY Kaelen BellPublished Dec 2, 2021

There was some pretty significant pushback last month when it was revealed that Marilyn Manson – who is currently under investigation for charges of sexual assault, rape and misconduct — was nominated for two Grammy Awards for his work appearance on Kanye West's DONDA

The uproar prompted a response from Academy CEO and president Harvey Mason Jr., who said that the Recording Academy "won't look back at people's history" when choosing nominees.  

Today, the New York Times reports that one of Manson's nominations has been withdrawn, though it's not due directly to the backlash. Manson has been removed from the running for Best Rap Song because he's no longer listed as a contributor to "Jail" on the most current version of DONDA. However, Manson will retain his nomination for Album of the Year for DONDA

On Wednesday, November 29, Manson's home was reportedly raided by the L.A. County Sheriff's Special Victims Unit, with authorities seizing unknown materials from the residence while Manson was away. 

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