Marc Maron Offended Thurston Moore by Knowing MBV but Not Sonic Youth

"I didn't have Sonic Youth or you in proper perspective"

Photo: Rick Clifford

BY Alex HudsonPublished Mar 13, 2024

My Bloody Valentine's Loveless is one of the greatest noisy albums of all time, but here’s a tip: if you meet Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore, don't do what Marc Maron did and start raving about MBV.

Maron recalled his awkward first meeting with Moore while hosting the musician on his podcast WTF with Marc Maron this week. The host said that they met in 2007, most likely when Moore was promoting the solo album Trees Outside the Academy.

"I was hosting a show at KTLK late at night," Maron recalled. "It was a disaster. I was not happy, and you came in as a guest. I remember I felt like I immediately offended you because of my lack of knowledge about noise rock. The only thing I could bring up for some reason was My Bloody Valentine, and you were just like, 'Well, alright...'"

Moore didn't seem to remember the incident, and he certainly didn't contradict Maron's recollection. The host added, "I'm not saying you were wrong, but I didn't have Sonic Youth or you in proper perspective."

Hear the interview below. Moore is promoting his recent memoir Sonic Life.

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