Lowell "High Enough" (video)

Lowell 'High Enough' (video)
Toronto synth-pop maker Lowell recently returned from a trip to the Yukon with enough songs for a new EP, which she's revealing to the rest of us later this summer. But before her Part 1: PARISYK arrives in full, she's teasing the release with an arty clip for opening number "High Enough."

Directed by filmmaker/photographer Chaussée, we first see Lowell revolving around an all-black room. The clip gets more adventurous as the twitchy but tuneful song goes on, with Lowell's body morphing together with the frame of an all-clear mannequin. Also injected into the mix are blooming flowers, contrast-reversing filters, and plenty of tracer-image dance moves.

The three-song Part 1: PARISYK arrives August 26 via Arts & Crafts. You can check out the teaser track below.