Liza Explores the Nuances of Heartbreak on 'DONE IS DONE' EP

BY Veracia AnkrahPublished Jun 9, 2021

Liza's DONE IS DONE leans into the complex thoughts along the journey of heartbreak, from the painful denial of grief to the shattering understanding of a new reality. The Toronto-based R&B singer invites the listener in on her mental process, painting every stage of the picture of love lost while dreaming for the day she is free of burden by a past lover. Liza's clear songwriting make the nuances of her varying emotions easy to identify with.

Liza's 2017 EP, February 29showcased romantic desires far less set in stone, like on "Let You Know What," which found her character looking for a lover to fill a void in her heart. On DONE IS DONE, her lyrics are more decisive, showing off authoritative decision-making that acknowledges her sadness while unequivocally moving on from something she believes is no longer worth fighting to keep.  

"ROLLA" follows February 29 track "Ride," furthering Liza's tried-and-true analogy of a relationship as moments experienced in motion, like a rollercoaster or emotionally charged car ride. The sound of an engine revving kicks off interlude "…TILL THE WHEELS FALL OFF," where radio tuning leads into a car alarm, as if Liza is going to take off with the remnants of this emotional exchange until she no longer can.

Elsewhere on the EP, standout "LANSDOWNE" plays like a sweet serenade to an old love, serving as the defining moment in the journey of heartbreak where one finally surrenders to reality instead of hoping for a return of what can no longer be. Closing tracks "MEMORIZE FEELINGS" and "DONE IS DONE" find Liza moving on and embracing new romantic possibilities.

The singer/songwriter hones her sultry sound on DONE IS DONE, and asserts her ability to exercise her agency as a lover without the limiting expectations and disappointing dynamics of past relationships. Liza sets the stage for her next project, whether an EP or album, as she vividly expresses her vulnerability and sets a sturdy foundation for her next story. 

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