February 29

BY Ryan B. PatrickPublished Feb 6, 2017

Toronto native Liza shows promise on her February 29 EP, a four-track charmer that feels weighty, while leaving just enough mystery for her inevitable full-length project. The 22-year-old dropped a trio of tracks — "All Alone" and "Committed" standing out in particular — that set the stage for her "traditional yet future-minded" brand of R&B/pop.
While the requisite themes of love, relationships and hope are all present, February 29 aims higher, and hits its mark. "All Alone" offers up a Jhené Aiko-ish flow, and though the leisurely stroll of "Ride" feels a bit sparse when all is sung and done, the electronic bump of "You" and the jazzy swing of "Let You Know What" earn their replay value. Liza shows potential here, giving a well-rounded, tantalizing taste of what's to come.

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