Line-up For Kid Dynamite Tribute Announced

BY Josiah HughesPublished Oct 22, 2008

Influential melodic hardcore band Kid Dynamite formed from the ashes of the equally legendary and melodic Lifetime in 1997, and only released two albums before disbanding in 2000. From there, the members went on to play in None More Black, Paint It Black and the Loved Ones before last year’s Pete Wentz-approved Lifetime reunion.

Still, despite the quality of their other projects, it’s hard not to miss the pummeling aggression and addictive melodies of Kid Dynamite. Fortunately, Copper Lung Records will give fans a remedy with Carry the Torch: A Tribute to Kid Dynamite. Due early next year, the compilation will feature 26 covers from modern hardcore and punk bands, including Daggermouth, Lewd Acts, This is Hell and the Wonder Years. The release will also include a posthumous track from the Ergs! Some songs from the comp can be streamed here.

Carry the Torch: A Tribute to Kid Dynamite unofficial tracklisting:

All Teeth "Never Met the Gooch"
Bangarang! "Pits and Poison Apples”
Broadway Calls "Bookworm"
The Carrier "Copout"
COA "Table 19"
Comadre "Death and Taxes"
Crime in Stereo "Wrist Rocket"
Daggermouth "Bench Warmer"
Dance Floor Justice "Shiner"
Death Is Not Glamorous "Pause"
The Ergs! "Fuckuturn"
Fireworks "Heart a Tact"
First to Leave "SOS"
Frogball "K05-0564"
Hollywood "Gate 68"
Hour of the Wolf TBA
I Am the Avalanche "The Ronald Miller Story"
Kill Conrad "Showoff"
Lewd Acts "Ph. Decontrol"
No Secrets Between Sailors "Living Daylights"
Pellinore "News at 11"
This Is Hell "Troy's Bucket"
To the Lions "Rid of the Losers, Bring on the Cruisers"
12cent "Pacifier"
The Wonder Years "Cheap Shot Youth Anthem"

Kid Dynamite "Pacifier” (live)

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