Kid Dynamite

Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems

BY Sam SutherlandPublished Dec 1, 2003

Formed from the ashes of NJ hardcore heroes Lifetime, Kid Dynamite hold an important place in punk rock history, both in their native Philadelphia and beyond. This release chronicles the history of the band through assorted rarities and unreleased material, including tracks culled from a live radio performance. Beginning with "the classics,” the tone for the disc is set for all those unfamiliar with Kid Dynamite’s energetic brand of hardcore punk rock. This is smart move for another reason, as well — often times, rarities CDs end up being fan-only releases, the kind that only someone already interested would bother to pick up. Thanks to great song selection, however, and fantastic liner notes (complete with comments on every single track), this album is as much for those new to the band as long-time fans. Whether it’s to hear what all the fuss is about, or to hear a fantastic cover of Circle Jerks’ "Deny Everything,” this is one rarities collection worth your time.
(Jade Tree)

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