Limp Bizkit Debut New Song "Dad Vibes" at Lollapalooza

Fred Durst's new look is starting to make sense
Limp Bizkit Debut New Song 'Dad Vibes' at Lollapalooza
After shocking everyone with his new look, Fred Durst made an appearance at Lollapalooza over the weekend alongside his Limp Bizkit bandmates for a Saturday night performance. To match the frontman's fatherly attire, the band teased some new material on the Chicago stage — a song called "Dad Vibes."

"This song right here is for you and only you," Durst told the Grand Park crowd. "It's a song off our new album called 'Dad Vibes.' I want to see everybody out there dancing right now. Let me see how you do it."

Durst and co. played the new track for the audience while handing out T-shirts and goofing with fans at ground level.

While the band have yet to offer up any details about the forthcoming record, guitarist Wes Borland recently hinted that their follow-up to 2011's Gold Cobra is well on its way. Paired with some renewed activity from Durst, it appears that Bizkit fans are due for some new material soon. 

Listen to Limp Bizkit's "Dad Vibes" below.