Leisure Club "22" (video)

Leisure Club '22' (video)
Just how much fun is it to be in Leisure Club? We can get a taste of that in the new video for "22" from the amiable Vancouver pop-rock band (which includes members of BESTiE and Tough Lovers).

The song is a pleasantly plinky pop-rock number that's full of sweetly uplifting melodies, lovelorn lyrics and chiming guitars with a hint of tropical sunshine. As for the accompanying clip, it captures the laid back feel of the music by showing the guys hanging out in the studio and recording the tune. There are plenty of smiles and high fives to go around, and these shots are interspersed with scenic images from around the group's West Coast hometown.

It was directed by Simon Furminger and features Vancouver footage from Matt Holdenreid. 

Exclaim! has the premiere of the clip below. This weekend (August 20), check out the band's performance at British Columbia's Ponderosa Festival.