Leisure Club "Still Young"

Leisure Club 'Still Young'
Vancouver indie rockers Leisure Club may no longer be feeling "22," but their latest single sets out to prove that they're "Still Young" — and Exclaim! is giving you the exclusive first listen to the new track.
The fresh tune marks the first preview of the band's upcoming album, which is slated to arrive this fall. The band explain that "Still Young" is about "the inevitability of getting older in the face of wanting to experience the most out of youth" — that the very act of chasing and living those experiences is what makes us older.
That sentiment gets paired with jangly guitars, sprightly vocals and slick grooves. Hear it all come together by giving "Still Young" a spin in the player below.
The single officially hits streaming services on Friday (July 14) and will receive a release party at the Cobalt in Vancouver on July 21.