Lance Skiiiwalker "Could It Be" (video, dir. by Kendrick Lamar)

Lance Skiiiwalker 'Could It Be' (video, dir. by Kendrick Lamar)
Lance Skiiiwalker is the latest artist to join the Top Dawg Enetertainment team, and he's helping introduce himself to the world with "Could It Be." He's also unveiled some visuals that show him trying to catch the attention of a woman, unsuccessfully.

The video, directed by PANAMÆRA and the little homies — Kendrick Lamar and TDE president Dave Free — finds Skiiiwalker stumbling in a field to lie down beside a woman taking an afternoon reading break. She's plenty busy, though, so when the artist tries to smooth things over by hopping around in a lacklustre bunny costume, she promptly flips him the bird.

What follows is a super-creeped-out scene that finds Skiiiwalker offering up a poison apple, which the lady accepts, and from there he begins to pose for selfies with her passed-out body.

The song itself sounds quite smooth, but the video is quite obviously hinting at some horrifying subject matter. You'll find the exceptionally dark clip below.