KOKOKO! Share Video for "Zala Mayele"

The Congolese group made their debut with 'Fongola' last year
KOKOKO! Share Video for 'Zala Mayele'
KOKOKO! made their debut with Fongola last year, and the Congolese collective have now rolled out a music video for album cut "Zala Mayele."

Written and directed by débruit, the clip captures a boy wandering the streets of Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. On his walk, he finds himself blinded by a series of mirrors reflecting some dangerous situations.

As the band explain, the sequence effectively brings the song's lyrics to life on screen.

"'Zala Mayele''s lyrics are about the dangers in Kinshasa's street (thieves, sorcerers, gangs and more) and the importance of distinguishing what is what, what is hidden under what shape, in disguise around the corner, in the shadow," KOKOKO! wrote in a statement. "We follow Issa, as he wanders the streets on his own, threatened by the possible dangers blinding him, dangers that, little by little, he will be able to notice and take control of with a trip on the other side of the mirrors."

Fongola is out now through Royal Mountain Records/Transgressive Records.