Klô Pelgag Returns with New Album 'Abracadabra,' 2025 Tour Dates

 Photo: Benoit Paille

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished May 28, 2024

Klô Pelgag has detailed her fourth album. The award-winning Quebec singer-songwriter will share Abracadabra on October 11 via Secret City Records.

The follow-up to the artist's acclaimed 2020 full-length Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs, Abracadabra is characterized as "a powerful manifesto in search of meaning" from the artist born Chloé Pelletier-Gagnon.

Self-produced by Pelletier-Gagnon and mixed by Pierre Girard, Abracadabra also features Étienne Dupré (bass), François Zaïdan (guitar), Pete Pételle (drums) and Virginie Reid (keyboards).

A release notes that the album's first single "will be released in a few days' time." Until then, the artist has shared a bit about Abracadabra's theme in a short trailer you can view below. 

Her monologue translates as follows:

It's like a quest for the absolute, like a desire to still believe in something.

There are so many knots that we must untangle in order to appear as we are, without embarrassment, without fear, without the pressure of others' gaze.

I need a word to repeat while staring at the horizon, while looking out the window. If I repeat it loudly enough, always thinking about the same thing, maybe everything will sort itself out.


Pelletier-Gagnon has also announced four tour dates behind the album for spring 2025, including performances in Quebec City and Montreal. You can find those details following Abracadabra's tracklist.

Revisit Exclaim!'s review of Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs. That album earned the artist Album Artwork of the Year honours at the 2021 JUNO Awards. The album was also shortlisted for the 2021 Polaris Music Prize, and in Klô Pelgag's home province, captured her 13 Félix awards including Album of the Year, Songwriter of the Year and Arrangements of the Year.

Pre-order Abracadabra.



1. Le sang des fruits rouges
2. Pythagore
3. Coupable
4. Libre
5. Sans visage
6. Le goût des mangues
7. Lettre à une jeune poète
8. Décembre
9. Jim Morrison
10. Deux jours et deux nuits
11. Les puits de lumière
12. Triste ou méchante

Klô Pelgag 2025 Tour Dates:

03/17 Paris, France - Café de la Danse
03/18 Brussels, Belgium - Le Musée
04/26 Quebec City, QC - L'Impérial Bell
05/01 Montreal, QC i MTELUS

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