​King of Foxes Premieres "Backsliders" Video

​King of Foxes Premieres 'Backsliders' Video
Edmonton band King of Foxes release their sophomore album Salt & Honey next month, and they've teased the new record with a video for "Backsliders."
The clip sees frontwoman Olivia Street being a wallflower at a retro, family-run five-pin bowling alley in Edmonton, though she eventually commands the respect of the local mean girls with her strike-throwing skills — or at least it appears that way.
"Unfortunately, I'm too much of a weakling to even succeed at five-pin," Street tells Exclaim! "I was legitimately sore the next day from all the attempts of trying to bowl a strike. Let's just say that's a good metaphor for all the work in life that happens behind the scenes!"
Nevertheless, the video mimics the song's exploration of growing up, fitting in and "the rollercoaster of experiences and emotions that come along with coming into your own."
Watch the video for "Backsliders" below. Salt & Honey is out February 8.