Kanye West to Produce New Charlie Wilson LP

Kanye West to Produce New Charlie Wilson LP
Former Gap Band vocalist Charlie Wilson has teamed up with Kanye West for tracks on both My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Yeezus, and now Ye will put some G.O.O.D. vibes on the veteran soul singer's next album by serving as producer.

Following some recent late-night TV appearances with Kanye, Wilson confirmed that the pair have already started work on the LP, which will follow this year's Love, Charlie. The record should be completed by the spring of 2014.

"Kanye and myself, we started already — Kanye is starting on a new record for me," Wilson told MTV. "Kanye is one of the greatest rapper/producers that we have. He's a little controversial, yeah, but he's still a genius at that in the studio."

While Wilson praised Yeezy's experimental side, he hinted that his own record will a "radio record."

"I love going in the studio. I like Kanye in the studio. He's very, very understandable about the music," Wilson explained. "When he wants to write something, put his finger on the pulse, he really do know how to do that. Now, when he don't want to do that — don't want to have radio records — he don't do that either. Me, I'll always love to have radio records."

Wilson also hinted that Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake, with whom he performed with at this year's BET Awards, may also be a part of the project.