Kanye West "Wolves" (alternate version ft. Frank Ocean, Sia & Vic Mensa)

Kanye West 'Wolves' (alternate version ft. Frank Ocean, Sia & Vic Mensa)
Earlier this week, one of Kanye West's many Twitter messages surrounding the bizarre roll-out of his The Life of Pablo had him mentioning that he needed to "fix" the album's "Wolves." It seems someone may have beat him to the punch, as an unofficial mix featuring West, Frank Ocean, Sia and Vic Mensa has now appeared online.

As far as we can tell, the mega-mix is unsanctioned but still hits the spot. The edit brings Ocean's smoothly sung contributions to the beginning of the piece, and chops out West's sandwich-swallowing rap verse. What it adds, however, are an early version's vocals from Vic Mensa and Sia, which don't appear on the Tidal stream.

Considering neither Sia nor Mensa is mentioned in Kanye's recently revealed album credits, this is more of a fan-fic situation, but fans may be hungry to hear this alternate version of "Wolves." You can stream the piece below.