Justice Waters of Nazereth

It’s not every day that an EP comes along worth mentioning, especially when that slim package features a compilation of previously released tunes, but Justice’s Waters of Nazereth is worthy of an exception to the rule. Justice are the North Parisian duo of Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay. They first got noticed in 2004 with the infectious "We Are Your Friends” single — credited as Justice Vs Simian — on DJ Hell’s American Deejay Gigolo imprint, and have seen much of their slim discography remixed and reissued ever since. The three original tracks here — the title track, "Let There Be Light” and "Carpates” — are getting just that treatment now from Vice Records, who were wise to put together this primer for the North American market. To put it bluntly, these are the most visceral, high-octane, muscled-up steroid house tracks to show up in a long time — a must for anyone who’s ever ranted against the noodling and sexless blips that count as serious beats. The EP also features two worthwhile remixes of "Waters of Nazereth,” and one unnecessary DJ Funk remix of "Let There Be Light” that could have easily been replaced by "We Are Your Friends.” Still, highly recommended. (Vice)