Johnny Marr Details New Book 'Marr's Guitars'

Featuring photos and musings about his extensive guitar collection

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Apr 18, 2023

Guitar icon Johnny Marr is gearing up to give a deep dive into his collection of six-strings. His book Marr's Guitars is set to arrive on October 17.

Featuring full-instrument portraits and close-up detail shots by photographer Pat Graham, Marr's Guitars will trace Marr's entire career — from his teen years through to the Smiths, all the way to his work on the Bond soundtrack.

"Marr's Guitars showcases the most significant of Marr's superb collection of electric and acoustic guitars, revealing through them the evolution of his iconic sound and style of playing," a writeup about the book reads. "Each guitar is identified with a crucial moment, a specific song or a particular sound, and each embodies a key aspect of Marr's lifelong passion."

Along with showcasing guitars famously played by Marr — such as the Rickenbacker 330, the Gibson ES-355 and the Johnny Marr Signature Fender Jaguar — the book will also feature those passed down to him,  as well as guitars he's bestowed onto others. The latter of these include the Stratocaster used by Noel Gallagher on "Wonderwall" and the Gibson Les Paul Goldtop used on In Rainbows by Ed O'Brien.

Pre-orders for Marr's Guitars can be made on Marr's Linktree.

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