John Cusack on Disney's 'High Fidelity' Series: "They'll Fuck It Up"

John Cusack on Disney's 'High Fidelity' Series: 'They'll Fuck It Up'
Further proving that no idea is too out-there for someone in Hollywood to try it, we learned last week that Disney was planning a youth-oriented TV adaptation of High Fidelity. Now, the film's John Cusack has weighed in.

Responding to the announcement, Cusack expressed concerns that the new Disney version would miss the misanthropic tone of the original. Or, as he rather disgustingly put it, "they may miss the majic mix."
Lest you misunderstood, Cusack doubled down and suggested the Mouse House would completely blow it with the project:
While some changes in the proposed series are certainly welcome — including the decision to cast a female lead — Cusack may have cause for concern. After all, the series is reportedly "an optimistic-in-tone mixtape/diary rom-com."

The High Fidelity series is still in development, so stay tuned for more details if and when they become available.