Jo Passed "Rage" (video)

Jo Passed 'Rage' (video)
Jo Passed recently dropped their latest EP Out, and now they're ready to reveal a brand new clip for the track "Rage" — and Exclaim! has your exclusive first look at it.
The psych-rock project was started by Vancouver musician Joseph Hirabayashi after Sprïng dissolved, and finds him teaming up with drummer Mac Lawrie of Tough Age and Energy Slime notoriety. Now, the duo have followed up last year's singles "Star Song" and "Monkey Mind" with the emotionally expressive "Rage."
The track was written for Hirabayashi's pal Rachel from TV Ugly, and fights back against a particular type of behaviour he's finds himself frequently observing.
"It's an ode against the kind of aggressive arguing or expression that people (particularly men) enact in conversation that basically drowns out anyone who doesn't feel the place or need to aggressively assert their own viewpoint or perspective," he explains. "I understand the inherent irony in also being a man telling someone to 'speak up,' but I did my best."
The video, meanwhile, was made by Megan-Magdalena Bourne and takes on the aesthetic of a dark, mysterious short film. It follows a young female protagonist as she scours social media for photos of an intended victim, then sets to work armed with a pair of scissors. For the faint of heart, don't worry — there's a surprisingly non-bloody twist towards the end.
Jo Passed will next be playing live on February 6 at Red Gate in Vancouver. Before you catch them onstage, though, check out their brand new video for "Rage" in the player below.