Japanese Breakfast Is Now Releasing a Video Game Soundtrack

It comes for the new indie title 'Sable'

Photo: Peter Ash Lee

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Jun 14, 2021

As if there weren't already enough Japanese Breakfast projects to keep track of, Michelle Zauner is now putting out a new video game soundtrack.

The OST comes for the game Sable, and it will arrive on September 23 — the same day the game by Shedworks and Raw Fury arrives on Xbox Series X/S, as well as PC and macOS.

The soundtrack will include the recently shared Japanese Breakfast original "Glider," which Zauner performed last week as part of the Summer Game Fest. You can check out that performance below.
Sable is set to arrive as an open-world adventure game, and you can check out the game's trailer below. As you'll hear, it's soundtracked by Japanese Breakfast's "Better the Mask."

Speaking about the OST with UPROXX, Zauner explained that there will be three new songs with lyrics, while the rest will be instrumental.

"You have to approach it from a place that's not necessarily personal to you. It has to be this kind of universal feeling and it has to feel like it lives within the game," explained Zauner. "I was doing these broad strokes of human feeling, like, what's it like to feel uncertain about the future? Or coming of age, or discovering what path do you want to pursue? Instead of filling it with all these kind of little details, you have to sort of do these broad strokes but also make it compelling. So that was really fun for me."

The Sable soundtrack comes during an incredibly busy time for Zauner. Not only did Japanese Breakfast just release the new album Jubilee, but her Crying in H Mart memoir is now becoming a feature film.

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