James Murphy "We Used to Dance"

James Murphy 'We Used to Dance'
Director Noah Baumbach's While We're Young will be getting a wider release by the end of the month, meaning James Murphy's score will be hitting theatre-goers' ears en masse. If you wanted to sample a bit of the cinematic experience at home, though, you can now hear the film's especially calming "We Used to Dance."

As you'll discover in the player down below, the track finds Murphy playing with serene textures. Whether via its trance-inducing heartbeat rhythms or the sky-bound synths, the piece's morning aura-feel may well take you to deep into your Zen spot for the rest of the day.

You can stream Murphy's "We Used to Dance" down below, courtesy of The Playlist.

Milan Records issues the While We're Young soundtrack on CD and digital download March 24, with vinyl copies landing May 19. The film gets its wide release March 27.