If You’ve Ever Heard a Meghan Trainor Song, You’ve Heard “I Wanna Thank Me”

BY Sydney BrasilPublished May 24, 2024

Queen of our haterade column Meghan Trainor has landed here once again with "I Wanna Thank Me," a déjà vu-evoking track that makes you think, "Wait, isn't this that other Meghan Trainor song?"

We could have told you this seven years ago, but Trainor's songs all follow the same formula of pseudo-kitsch doo-wop nostalgia that people who say "I was born in the wrong generation" love — the secret is, what they really miss is the nuclear family and lead poisoning. To be fair, quaaludes could make this song more interesting.

For someone whose affirmations include "I will get on that cancelled skincare brand's PR list," "I Wanna Thank Me" could be a self-love anthem. For the rest of us, it's the kind of self-love where you can't find your very specifically-shaped charger and are too ashamed to ask your roommate if they've seen it. Listen to it below. 

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