Ice-T Announces New Body Count Album

Hear the title track from 'Carnivore'
Ice-T Announces New Body Count Album
For a guy named after a refreshingly brisk beverage, Ice-T sure has plenty of piping hot aggression. Fortunately, he's found plenty of outlets for that energy, not least of which is his wonderful rap-metal unit Body Count. That group will return in 2020 with a new LP.

Ice has announced that the new album is called Carnivore, and it will be released on March 6 Century Media. The album's artwork is available above, and its title track can be streamed below.

In an interview with Gem back in 2018, Ice explained why the album is called Carnivore.

"The new album is titled Carnivore, only because people are getting so soft," he said. "It's okay for me to say, 'Oh, I'm a vegan,' or, 'I'm a vegetarian.' I say, 'I'm carnivorous — I only eat meat.' People go, 'What the fuck?' I think the person that's gonna come get you won't be a vegetarian; it will be [someone] carnivorous."

Carnivore will be Body Count's seventh album and follows up 2017's Bloodlust.