Huoratron XXVI Crimes Of Love

Huoratron XXVI Crimes Of Love
Seeing Aku Raski's substantial beard, hearing he's from Finland and witnessing his disturbing, sometimes-occult-ish visuals, one could almost be forgiven for thinking Huoratron was a metal band. Though he's better described as a producer of dubstep-inspired techno, his pummelling rhythms and intense waves of distortion would probably still please many headbangers — as would his description of his own musical interests: "Dirty, rough and not watered down with intellect. Void of neon edam and happy places."
Raski has also lived within this material for at least a few years. Three of these tracks appeared on 2014's Acid Reign EP, and another four came out earlier this year on the Mortality Salience EP. "A997F" also seems to be related to "A699F" from Cryptocracy, his 2012 debut. All this forethought, though, has helped make XXVI Crimes of Love a strongly calculated record, possibly some of those most simultaneously punishing and rewarding music of this nature.
"Bit Rot" is brutal in its elegant simplicity, with a mid-song breakdown that could be accurately described as "BOWBOWBOWBOW"— elemental but effective. Elsewhere, the main drop in "Pioneers of Nothing" sounds like a Roland TB-303 having a mind-blowing orgasm.
If these descriptions sound a bit ridiculous, that's intentional. Huoratron might be uncompromising in his work ethic, but his music demonstrates that he still knows how to have fun. (Last Gang)