Hubert Lenoir's Band the Seasons Unveil Richard Swift-Produced Album

'Midnight, Let's Get a Hot Dog' is due on Friday
Hubert Lenoir's Band the Seasons Unveil Richard Swift-Produced Album
It's been a big year for Quebecois glam-popster Hubert Lenoir, with his groundbreaking debut album Darlène skyrocketing his profile both in his home province and beyond, culminating in a spot on this year's Polaris Music Prize shortlist. Turns out Darlène's not the only record of Lenoir's we'll hear this year: his band the Seasons will drop their sophomore album, Midnight, Let's Get a Hot Dog, this Friday (November 16) on Simone Records.

The Quebec City-based quartet — featuring Lenoir and his brother Julien Chiasson alongside Samuel Renaud and Rémy Bélanger — recorded the album in the summer of 2017 with Richard Swift, the acclaimed producer and one-time member of the Black Keys and the Shins who passed away in July. Swift also contributed synths to the record, and he and the band recorded and mixed the album in 11 days.

The album is said to take the English-language folk pop of 2014 debut Pulp into a glam rock and psych pop-influenced direction. Lead single "Junk" is a jaunty, jangly romp through laid-back, late-night fun. 

Before Midnight, Let's Get a Hot Dog drops on Friday, you can listen to "Junk" now.

Midnight, Let's Get a Hot Dog:

1. The American Way To Dream
2. Animal Songs
3. Junk
4. Hosting The Night
5. Glorify
6. Family Tree
7. Tangerine
8. Knives
10. Helpless, Aren't We?