The Horrors Stream 'Luminous' Via Social Media Campaign

The Horrors Stream 'Luminous' Via Social Media Campaign
The Horrors will release their album Luminous on May 6 through XL Recordings, and like so many other bands, they are sharing it ahead of time as an online stream. What makes this campaign unique, however, is that it's being shared via an inventive social media campaign.

This co-called Illuminate Luminous campaign plays off the album title, since the Horrors' blacked-out website will illuminate more songs as users share the stream on Facebook an Twitter.

A press release describes the campaign like this: "Beginning as a completely black page with album opener 'Chasing the Shadows' playing on loop, listeners will be prompted to 'Share to Illuminate Luminous.' As fans share the page on Facebook and Twitter, it will gradually brighten and songs will slowly be revealed. Eventually the page will fully transform and the whole album will be available to stream."

As of press time, the campaign is already underway, with the first four songs illuminated and available to stream. The subsequent six tracks are still shrouded in shadows, so users will need to share it in order to reveal the rest.

See the Luminous stream below.