Homeshake Shares New Track "Empty Lot"

Another preview of 'Horsie'

Photo: Matthew Yoscary

BY Lara Isabelle FajardoPublished Jun 12, 2024

Homeshake is preparing for his upcoming album Horsie with the new single "Empty Lot," accompanied by a hazy, psychedelic music video.

According to a press release, "Empty Lot" was inspired by a dream and delves into the lingering feelings it left behind. Directed by Jim Larson, its music video completes a trilogy of visuals for Horsie following "Nothing 2 See" and "Simple." Larson said the three videos for Horsie explore the stages of touring, with "Empty Lot" delving into the feeling of being transformed after coming home from another tour — with bright colours and soft camera work complimenting the slow, calming track.

Horsie will be Peter Sagar's sixth album under his Homeshake moniker, and his second of the year following CD Wallet. It's set to arrive June 28 via SHHOAMKKE / Dine Alone Records.

Take a surreal journey by watching the "Empty Lot" music video below.

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