Homeshake Rides Again with Second Album of 2024, 'Horsie'

The long-running solo project of Toronto's Peter Sagar just released 'CD Wallet' in March

BY Megan LaPierrePublished May 1, 2024

Having just released his sixth studio album under the long-running Homeshake moniker, CD Wallet, in March, Toronto's Peter Sagar is decidedly in a prolific era; he has just announced his second new LP of 2024, previewed by lead single "Nothing 2 See."

Due June 28 via SHHOAMKKE / Dine Alone Records, Horsie explores the singer-songwriter's complicated feelings about returning to the world of live performance, further examining themes of anxiety and loneliness in the context of being on the road. This fall, he'll have to face those feelings head-on with his North American tour.

Press notes describe the sound as less of a sonic departure than Sagar's most recent record. Horsie employs a medley of textures and rhythms inspired by influences like My Bloody Valentine, Four Tet, D'Angelo, Sade and Ry Cooder. An Ensoniq EPS and a Roland Juno 60 were Sagar's cornerstone pieces of gear while recording the LP at his home studio. 

Woozy single "Nothing 2 See" arrives alongside a music video directed by Jim Larson, which sees the artist's daydreams of hiding in plain sight situated through a small cult gathering in a Beverly Hills mansion. Check that out below, and keep scrolling for the full album tracklist.


1. Ravioli
2. Horsie
3. Dinner Plate
4. Blunt Talk
5. On a Roll
6. Smiling
7. Nothing 2 See
8. Simple
9. Easier Now
10. Believe
11. Empty Lot
12. Ice Tea

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