The Holy Gasp "A Daily Affirmation" (video)

The Holy Gasp 'A Daily Affirmation' (video)
Toronto's leading "Damn-the-Man beatnik revival conga revolution-core" outfit the Holy Gasp are set to drop a new album later this month, and in anticipation of the new material, is pleased to premiere the new video for "A Daily Affirmation."
The band describe the new video as "a masterclass in hygiene and self-motivation, with a debaucherous interlude thrown in for good measure!" It opens on a shot of frontman Benjamin Hackman looking into his bathroom mirror, sporting his finest polka dot bathrobe.
But once the morning hygiene rituals are taken care of, things do indeed get a little wild. Tooth-brushing turns into a bathroom filled with a full band, a buttload of balloons and some breakfast wine that doesn't sit so well with its drinker.
The new record was recently re-titled The Last Generation of Love after its lead single, and it will arrive on February 24. Check out the Holy Gasp's wacky wake-up antics in the video for "A Daily Affirmation" below.