Here Is Billie Eilish's Fancy Third Man Vinyl That You're Likely Never Going to Be Able to Own

The "extremely limited" release will only be available IRL at Third Man's stores in Nashville and Detroit

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Dec 4, 2019

While Billie Eilish may not know who Van Halen are, she is definitely into the old-man music format that is vinyl. For proof, she's just unveiled her fancy vinyl version of her new Third Man Records release. But getting yourself a copy of her Live at Third Man Records isn't going to be easy.

As previously reported, Eilish recently performed an acoustic set at the Blue Room in Nashville's Third Man Records back on November 6. The set was recorded live on Third Man's direct-to-acetate system — a 1953 Scully lathe that previously belonged to the famed King Records — and the vinyl edition of Eilish's release will arrive on Friday (December 6).

But here's the thing — the vinyl release will only be available at both Third Man Records locations in Nashville and Detroit. So unless you can get to one of those IRL storefronts on Friday, you're going to be stuck paying flipper prices here online.

To see what you are most likely missing out on, the "extremely limited" release will arrive on green vinyl and as a black & blue split-colour variant, with the latter featuring "one-of-a-kind splatter artwork" created by Eilish herself. Both are pictured above.

You can also watch footage of Eilish creating the custom jacket in the video below.

Both Third Man stores open at 10 a.m. local time Friday. Good luck.

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