Hear Lido Pimienta Cover Björk's "Declare Independence"

Hear Lido Pimienta Cover Björk's 'Declare Independence'
Following Julia Jacklin and RVG's cover of "Army of Me" last month, Lido Pimienta has now shared a Björk cover of her own.

Pimienta's more melodic, yet no less affecting interpretation of "Declare Independence" finds the Grammy-nominated artist singing in both Spanish and English. The cover comes as part of Spotify's annual Pride celebrations and the streamer's "Pride 2021: Claim Your Space."

She expanded on covering the song from Björk's 2007 album Volta as follows:

I chose this song mainly because of the lyrics: "Wave your flag, raise your flag, higher higher" and "don't let them do that to you." I heard this song live and I loved how all the immigrants in the audience were waving their flags. The sense of PRIDE we all felt then, I wanted to carry it through with this version, one that would honour my Caribbean roots and the camp of pride but most importantly, a message of love and revolution in togetherness and acceptance. Björk has been an inspiration to me, not only as a singer, but as a composer and producer, so this song is also a *thank you* to her for encouraging womxn like me to not be afraid to create my own sonic universe.

Hear her cover of "Declare Independce" below.

Pimienta released third album Miss Colombia last year. Her video for that LP's "Nada" was recently named a 2021 Prism Prize finalist.