Hear Exclaim!'s Favourite Canadian Music of 2023

BY Exclaim! StaffPublished Dec 29, 2023

Another year of great music has come and gone. In a world inundated with content, it's still such a magical thing when something someone made reaches out and slaps you with a children's sticky hand toy coated in squishy adhesive that you'll never fully get off.

I always get excited about bringing in more of a democracy of taste at the end of the year as we look back on some of our favourite Canadian releases. As much as I try not to be biased in my curation, it's inevitable, so thanks to my colleagues who sent me suggestions for this final 2023 edition of the playlist.

This year, votes for multitudes of Feist tracks and just about everyone gunning for the inclusion of U.S. Girls' infectious disco ode to formal wear. (I just realized that Meg Remy is in the graphic for last year's edition too, we simply can't get enough of her blessed mess!)

Multiple tracks from Jayda G's energetic Guy, La Force's haunting XO SKELETON and DEBBY FRIDAY's Polaris Prize-winning GOOD LUCK were also brought forth, as well as bops by local faves Ducks Ltd., Mother Tongues, TOBi, and Housewife's James Gunn-approved "Fuck Around Phase." Keep an ear out for some selections from our best songs of 2023 list like synth-pop masterclass "Le feu" by Bibi Club and Dilly Dally's requiem, "Colour of Joy."

Even in its heaviest moments, we've been able to hold onto music in 2023. Jog your memory of the homegrown greatness with The Eh! List below, presented by Mary Brown's Chicken & Taters — all Canadian and proud of it!


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