Gossip "Perfect World" (video)

Gossip 'Perfect World' (video)
Gossip recently announced their new LP A Joyful Noise, and now the trio have delivered their first new video in support of the album. Veering even further away from their bluesy punk past, the single "Perfect World" is a full-blown, glossy disco-rock hybrid full of kitschy keyboards, rock guitars and Beth Ditto's still-soaring vocals.

The outfit's gospel influence, mind you, still creeps in via the churchy setting of the video shoot. The holy location, mind you -- stocked with a plethora of candelabras, dark corridors, an interpretive dancer, a couple of eternal flames, and stained-glass windows that light up like a game of Simon -- looks more like the castle in Dark Shadows. Or at least the spot where they shot Pet Shop Boys' "Heart" video.

Check out the video for "Perfect World" below.

As previously reported, A Joyful Noise comes out May 22 through Columbia Records.