Ghostface, Method Man and Raekwon Finally Confirm Wu-Massacre's Release Details

Ghostface, Method Man and Raekwon Finally Confirm <i>Wu-Massacre</i>'s Release Details
"Don't be surprised when it all gets switched around yet again." We said that only two weeks ago in reference to to the ever-shifting name, release date and related details of the forthcoming project from Ghostface Killah, Method Man and Raekwon.

Last we checked in, the album had changed title from Wu-Massacre to Three the Hard Way, and was pushed back from a February release date to March 9. Before that, the title Wu-Massacre seemed confirmed, while the group were asking fans to come up with a name for them. Well, it seems as if things are finally settling down now and getting set in stone.

We now have a cover (above), a tracklist (below), a confirmed release date and record label, a return to the title Wu-Massacre and, most stunningly of all, an actual name for the group: Meth/Ghost/Rae. That's right, just the shortened forms of their rap pseudonyms, chopped to a syllable each. Looks as if they didn't need a contest after all.

The album will drop March 30 (we hope) via Def Jam records.


"Criminology 2.5"
"Mef vs. Chef"
3. "Ya Moms (Skit)"
4. "Smooth Sailing" (Remix) (ft. Solomon Childs)
5. "Our Dreams"
6. "Gunshowers" (ft. Inspectah Deck & Cappadonna)
7. "Dangerous"
8. "Pimpin' Chipp"
9. "How To Pay Rent" (Skit) (ft. Tracy Morgan)
10. "Miranda"
11. "Youngtown Heist"
12. "Break Breaka" (It's That Wu Shit)
13. "Made Men" (Bonus)

This is the third in a series of dramatic trailers for the album: