Garrett Kato Completes His Journey on 'hemispheres'

Stream the record in full
Garrett Kato Completes His Journey on 'hemispheres'
Canada-born, Australian-based singer-songwriter Garrett Kato is back with new material. His new album hemispheres arrives today via Nettwerk and you can find it in full — as well as music videos for "All Good" and "I See You" — down below.

hemispheres is the culmination of Kato's latest EPs, n. hemisphere and s. hemisphere, which were both released earlier this year. The artist's journey wraps both halves together in one musical odyssey, detailing his personal story from busking and backpacking to having worldwide recognition as an artist.

"The story starts ten years ago landing on the shores of Australia and building a new life. It's divided into two parts — life and identity in Canada and a transformation in Australia," Kato explained in a statement.

"I'm more comfortable as a human and as a dad now, and I think the music shows that," he added. "I'm a bit more sure of myself. The next chapter of life has really started. I'm not trying to impress people; I'm just trying to write good songs and fulfill my destiny. I think it's why I'm here."

Stream hemispheres below, where you can also watch Kato's lyric videos for "All Good" and "I See You" below.