Fuck the Facts Prepping a Trio of New Releases

Fuck the Facts Prepping a Trio of New Releases
Ottawa grinders Fuck the Facts have revealed an onslaught of upcoming release plans, with the first being a mini-collection of outtakes gathered from the same recording sessions as the band's last full-length, 2011's Die Miserable.

Though a due date has not yet been delivered, Fuck the Facts guitarist Topon Das recently confirmed in a press release that the first of three upcoming releases from the band features a trio of tracks that were cut from Die Miserable. He explained that the music was tracked back in 2011, but vocals were only recently added to the mix. Song titles haven't been coughed up, though, just yet.

From there, the band will issue a split 10-inch release with Quebec City's Fist Fuck. Fuck the Facts are apparently putting the finishing touches on this one, with their side of the split weighing in at 11 songs in 10 minutes. Das added that it's "probably our most straight up grindcore release since our 2001 album Mullet Fever." Down below, you'll find a live set where the outfit perform four tracks from the split, though song titles were not delivered onstage.

A new LP is also in the works, which the band aim to have out sometime in 2015. "We've been working on this material for a long time and to say that we're excited to finally get it out there, would be a severe understatement," Das said.

While Fuck the Facts have plenty on their plate, the band's Das, Mel Mongeon, Mathieu Vilandré and Marc Bourgon recently issued the Solar Pulse EP with their Merdarahta side-project. The doom crew also features member of Winters in Osaka and the Sun Through a Telescope. You can check out the EP here.