Foo Fighters "Learn to Fly" (performed by the Rockin 1000) (video)

Foo Fighters 'Learn to Fly' (performed by the Rockin 1000) (video)
Dave Grohl once sung that he "can't quite make it alone," and it looks like a bunch of Italian Foo Fighters fan are taking him at face value. As such, the alt-rock band were recently toasted by the Rockin 1000 via a massive, potentially world record-breaking outdoor jam session on the act's 1999 single "Learn to Fly."

The performance took place on July 26, with 1,000 singers, drummers, guitarists, and bassists uniting to play the track for their heroes (a.k.a. the members of the Foo Fighters). As you'll see, it's an overwhelmingly joyous experience, with a field full of diehard Foo lovers putting a ton of emotion into the cover.

The performance is capped with a speech from project founders explaining the year-long process behind putting it all together. They're hoping to raise funds for the Foo Fighters to come to Cesena, Italy. A concert has not yet been announced, but this show of love may get the ball rolling.