Folly & the Hunter


BY Beth BowlesPublished Oct 25, 2018

Montreal-based duo Folly & the Hunter are back after a brief hiatus with their fourth album, Remains. Captained by Laurie Torres and Nick Vallee, Remains stays true to the band's atmospheric, bedroom-pop roots, while also providing variety.
The opening track and first single, "Now I Know," is actually one of Remains' weakest tracks, making it an odd choice for an opener. The song is easy background music, or, more directly, forgettable. "The Line" begins the dive into Remains' richness, creativity and playfulness.
"Refuse to Learn," one of the most interesting tracks on the album, is rich with creativity; the sporadic drum beat and mixture of synth and piano make it easy to forget that this band are powered by only two people. Further on, "Seventeen" offers a break from the synth-rich tracks; it's more stripped-down and intimate, offering some versatility.
Ultimately, Remains is perfect background music. These tracks could easily be seen on a studying playlist or heard in a coffee shop where hipster freelancers go to work. If that's what Folly & the Hunter are aiming for, they've succeeded. If they're looking to foreground their music, they'll need to produce something a little more attention-grabbing in the future.

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