Falling In Reverse "Just Like You" (video)

Falling In Reverse 'Just Like You' (video)
Falling in Reverse vocalist Ronnie Radke is coming out and admitting just how much of an asshole he is in the new video for the band's Just Like You single of the same name. Judging by how the video for the title track plays out, he's not the only one out there.

Taking on the properties of a modern televised music competition, the vid has Radke performing for a panel of celebrity judges including Steven Tyler and Jessie J (who, we might add, all look suspiciously like Radke). The pop rock cut is slathered in guitar solos, as well as smarmy lyrics about owning your despicableness. The video also showcases try-outs from various try-hards, and has comedian Andy Dick hoisting a couple middle fingers our way. Clearly, he's taking the tune's theme to heart.

You'll find these assholes' new video down below.

Just Like You was released today (February 24) Epitaph.