Fake Shark Real Zombie / Mongoose / Fun 100 / BA Johnston Video In, Vancouver BC - November 4

This show had that feeling of being in your sixth grade tree house, dressed as knights, holding your imitation swords to the summer sky. It was bullshit-free and fun without that pretentious air you get at more intimate shows. The night was kicked off with BA Johnston coming out of the shadows and sidelines to a nice little electro track before tossing aside his outer garment and throwing down momentarily on his nylon string guitar. His unique blend of homemade electronics mixed with a splash of guitars is definitely lo-tech but he’s one of the most entertaining performers I've seen in a long time (think Jack Black but with a handlebar moustache and songs about deep fryers and a profound hatred of squirrels). Leaping and throwing himself around shirtless, with a single confetti popper at the finale that didn’t quite work as it should have, Johnston is someone I will make an effort to see again. Fun 100 stepped forth next with a Ramones-esque feel and a modern art rock twist. Heads were shaking, hips were twisting and indie rocker hairstyles were flailing around energetically. Mongoose, the East Van boys decked out entirely in black and red, brought it next, taking a more straightforward but energetic rock approach, with the twisting and pivoting legs proving to be more the singer’s talent than vocals. Fake Shark Real Zombie grabbed the baton next, blending together a post-hardcore sound with a brightly coloured, scattered, attitude-driven sound that has a Blood Brothers feel but pulled off with a less serious approach. Support your local scene and musicians; they may be the ones you're screaming at in a crowd of loyal fans in the not too distant future.