Exploited Fuck The System

It was easy to look at this record and expect something that was less than stellar. After all, their last record came out a few years back and it was underwhelming. And even the on the surface, the skeleton with the mohawk isn’t exactly the same provocative image it was 20 years ago. But Wattie and the Exploited blow any notions of being washed up and spent out of the listener’s head the moment you press play. This set of 13 songs has the blistering anger that many bands young enough to be Wattie’s kids would give up their leather jackets for. One of the tracks is called "Never Sell Out,” which neatly sums up what the Exploited are about. This is some raging hardcore with a slight metallic edge. Although this may not be Punk’s Not Dead, they make sure you know they’re doing this until they die. (Spitfire)