Exclaim!'s Staff Picks: Sheer Mag Are (Thankfully) Still Themselves on "All Lined Up"

BY Kaelen BellPublished Aug 3, 2023

Sheer Mag do one thing. In regard to most bands, that would sound like an insult, but Sheer Mag do that one thing so well — so (seemingly) effortlessly — that their tunnel vision becomes admirable and inspiring. 

"All Lined Up," the Philadelphia four-piece's first single since 2019 and their debut release for Jack White's Third Man Records, expands on that one thing they do — fuzzy, hooky, Thin Lizzy-esque rock music that feels both timeless and vital — and twists it just so. They add a funky, percussive backbone and an echoing call-and-response chorus that recalls Parquet Courts' nervy masculinity, folding new wrinkles into their now-established sound. Of course, it's all held together by Tina Halladay's unstoppable voice, careening over her bandmates in a beer-soaked whirl. If you're gonna do one thing, do it perfectly. 

(Third Man Records)

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