Envy Get Career Retrospective via Massive 14-LP Box Set

Envy Get Career Retrospective via Massive 14-LP Box Set
Heavy-leaning Japanese outfit Envy haven't issued an LP since 2010's Recitation, but the long-running band returns this summer to toast over 20 years worth of tunes on their impeding Invariable Will, Recurring Ebbs and Flows box set. The gigantic 14-LP package arrives July 16 via Temporary Residence.

The box contains all 95 songs the band have released from the '90s, including their five full-length LPs, tracks collected from singles and splits, and compilation material. All of the songs were also remastered in 2013 for this monstrous vinyl re-release.

As the press sheet explains, the collection presents the evolution of the band from their early days as "a blistering punk quintet" to their more cinematic post-rock material. You can sample the set's "Pure Birth and Loneliness," off their 2008 split with Thursday, beneath the lengthy tracklisting.

Each record is housed in a full-colour jacket featuring new artwork, and they all come housed in "a sturdy custom outer box — printed on a custom reflective metallic foil board." Also included in the package are a 100-minute DVD of previously unreleased footage, a DVD data disc featuring all 95 songs in MP3 format, and a 100-page coffee book featuring photos and lyrics to all of the songs in Japanese and English.

Only 1,000 boxes will be produced. You can pre-order the set for $160 over here.

Invariable Will, Recurring Ebbs and Flows:

Side A

1. In The Muddle Of The Rage

2. You Have A Voice...

3. Remember

4. Ability

5. Under The Sky

6. You Have A Voice

7. Passage Of Wind

8. Still Remain

9. End Of The Line

10. Just Alive

11. Reach Out

Side B

1. Angel's Curse

2. Pendulum

3. Leaden Wing

Side C

1. Breeze And Destiny

2. Unrepairable Gentleness

Side D

1. Echo Regenerates

2. The End Of Memories

3. Awaken Eyes

4. Testimony Of The Existence

5. An Encycolpedia Of The Unification

Side E

1. Limitation

2. Trembled

3. A Vicious Circle Again

4. Off

5. Crusaders

Side F

1. For You Who Died

2. Black Past

3. Grey Wind

4. Carved Numbers

5. 444 Words

Side G

1. Zero

2. Farewell To Words

3. Lies, And Release From Silence

4. Left Hand

5. A Cradle Of Arguments And Anxiousness

6. Mystery And Peace

Side H

1. Invisible Thread

2. The Spiral Manipulation

3. A Cage It Falls Into

4. The Light Of My Footprints

5. Your Shoes And The World To Come

Side I

1. A Far-Off Reason

2. An Adeventure Of Silence And Purpose

3. Invisible Understanding

Side J

1. Chacun De Tes Pas

2. A Red Wound Picture

3. Cape Of Despair

4. This Self-Crusaders

5. Trembled

6. Guilt

Side K

1. Castle Of Lies

2. Connected Voice

Side L

1. Awaken Eyes (Live)

2. Go Mad And Mark (Live)

Side M

1. Chain Wandering Deeply

2. Distress Of Ignorance

3. Evidence

Side N

1. Color Of Fetters

2. Unrepairable Gentleness

Side O

1. Go Mad And Mark

2. A Conviction That Speeds

Side P

1. Reasons And Oblivion

2. A Will Remains In The Ashes

Side Q

1. Further Ahead Of Warp

2. Shield Of Selflessness

Side R

1. Scene

2. Crystallize

Side S

1. The Unknown Glow

Side T

1. Night In Winter

2. A Warm Room

Side U

1. A Road Of Winds The Water Builds

2. All That's Left Has Gone To Sleep

Side V

1. Thousand Scars

2. Fading Vision

Side W

1. An Umbrella Fallen Into Fiction

2. Isolation Of A Light Source

3. Pure Birth And Loneliness

4. Conclusion Of Existence

Side X

1. A Winter Quest For Fantasy

2. Life Caught In The Rain

3. As Serenity Calls Your Name

Side Y

1. Guidance

2. Last Hours Of Eternity

3. Rain Clouds Running In A Holy Night

Side Z

1. Pieces Of The Moon I Weaved

2. Light And Solitude

3. Dreams Coming To An End

Side Z2

1. Incomplete

2. Worn Heels And The Hands We Hold

3. A Hint And The Incapacity

Side Z3

1. A Breath Clad In Happiness

2. 0 And 1

3. Your Hand