Elbow Reveal New Album 'Carry Her Carry Me'

Elbow Reveal New Album 'Carry Her Carry Me'
British rock act Elbow reached a massive audience last year by writing music for the Summer Olympic Games in London, so plenty of folks are bound to be excited to learn that they have a new album on the way. While details are still coming together, the group have confirmed that the new collection is called Carry Her Carry Me, which is due out March 10.

They shared the news of the title in an interview with Q [via NME]. Frontman Guy Garvey explained that the lyrics were inspired by a six-week stay in New York. He said, "Walking around New York I feel like my antennae are up. My ears are open for snatches of beautiful conversation. In Manhattan, it just feels like all the time, any second, somebody's going to utter that thing that changes the world.''

The recording was partly done in Bath, UK, at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios. Garvey reflected, "It's the least aptly-named studio in the world. Real World? Is it fuck. But when you're there, you get six months work done in two weeks. To go and live and breathe your record without the distractions of the rest of life, you make creative decisions you would not have made at home." Other sessions took place at Blueprint Studios in the Manchester borough of Salford.

The album is already available to pre-order from Elbow's website, even though the online store offers no information about the collection whatsoever. It's available on vinyl, as a standard CD, as a deluxe CD, or in a bundle with a concert DVD called Live at Jordell Bank. Below, watch the version of "Grounds for Divorce" from the DVD.

The DVD also includes a documentary about the concert with exclusive interviews and backstage footage.