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"Narcisse" / "Mayakovsky" / "I Repeat Myself" on Exclaim! TV

BY Ariel MathesonPublished Mar 8, 2016

Montreal-based dance-punks Duchess Says aren't the type to settle for a quiet evening in; not surprisingly, at their February 13 show at Toronto's The Garrison, they decided that their audience wasn't going to, either.

Now, you can have the best of both worlds, as we're delivering a three-part video series on Exclaim! TV capturing part of their set at the 2016 edition of Toronto's Wavelength Music Festival, which we would gladly have you watch from the comfort of your bed. Go ahead, Frankie. Relax.

The trio of clips kicks off with their 2011 set In A Fung Day T!'s bass-driven "Narcisse," a wild and edgy cut that leaves us slightly unsure whether to dance or to mosh. Frontwoman Annie-Claude Deschênes urges us on despite our confusion, her intense, semi-psychotic glare wordlessly suggesting, "Why not both?" Next, we're treated to another taste of their 2011 effort with the gritty, grinding "Mayakovsky." For the third and final segment, you'll see Deschênes pick up her own battle axe in the form of a keytar to deliver a roughed up revival of '80's new wave with the synth-heavy "I Repeat Myself."

You can check out the special segment below, but if you're really craving that live vibe, catch them at one of their three upcoming shows in Ontario in May, which you'll find below.

Tour dates:

05/03 Guelph, ON – E Bar
05/04 Peterborough, ON – The Oxford
05/05 Hamilton, ON – This Ain't Hollywood

Filmed by Katherine Kwan and Roberto Granados-Ocon
Audio by Nash Bussieres
Edited by Katherine Kwan

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