Down Finish Next Instalment in EP Series

Down Finish Next Instalment in EP Series
Sludge-lovin' Southern metal greats Down announced over the weekend that they have put the finishing touches on the second instalment of their long-planned EP series, and that it should hit sometime early next year.

Guitarist Pepper Keenan confirmed on the band's Facebook on Saturday (December 21) that "EP TWO is DONE !!! ... and there was much rejoicing!"  

Like last year's Down IV Part I: The Purple EP, this new mini-effort was tracked at vocalist Phil Anselmo's Nodferatu's Lair in New Orleans. While samples from the set have yet to be revealed, a pic uploaded with the announcement suggests that it was fuelled by cans of Coors Light and bottles of Becks.

An interview with Keenan on the Metal Hammer radio show [via Blabbermouth] also had him noting that the material is a "slight continuation" from 2012's Exclaim!-approved Down IV Part I: The Purple EP.

"I wouldn't say 'aggressive,' but it's definitely got some freaky guitar stuff on it. And it's definitely got a pretty good groove factor," he said. "And we spent a lot of time trying to make all the songs [fit together stylistically]. We had several songs that didn't quite match it, so we kind of [set them aside] and we're gonna move them to another EP. But it's got a super-heavy vibe to it, man. I mean, I'm really excited about it. Everybody in the band is excited about it."

While tracklisting details and an official title have yet to drop, this will be the first Down record to feature new guitarist Bobby Landgraf, a former Down guitar tech who has come into the fold to replace founding member Kirk Windstein (Crowbar).

"I couldn't feel more blessed," Landgraf said in an earlier interview. "Phil could've gotten anyone to play guitar, but I've been jamming with them during soundchecks, so they know we can play together."