Donovan Woods Drops New Single "I Hope You Change Your Mind"

The track arrives alongside an artsy visualizer video
Donovan Woods Drops New Single 'I Hope You Change Your Mind'
Photo: Bree Fisher
Canadian singer-songwriter Donovan Woods has released a new stand-alone single "I Hope You Change Your Mind" alongside an aesthetically-driven lyric video.

The folk artist inhabits the space where the unsaid collects, and the tension floats like dust motes on the track. "This song is about that back-end portion of a relationship when everyone knows the score but no one wants to say it," Woods explained in a press release. "I think it's also kind of half-dream. It's loving someone so much that you're not sure how to be mad at them, so you twist yourself into knots."

Across "I Hope You Change Your Mind," Woods' wavering, soft vocals drift over the subtle piano and gentle finger-plucked guitar. The song soothes and despairs in equal measure, resulting in a state of peaceful sorrow, of quiet mourning.

The single — which can be heard below — follows the previously released "Here in Chicago," which arrived alongside the announcement for Woods' 2022 Canadian "Long Life Tour."