DJ Khaled Launches "Another Wing" Fast-Food Chicken Chain in Major Canadian Cities

You can get on one and order the artist's poultry in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Nov 19, 2021

We the best music AND the best chicken? It seems ambitious, but DJ Khaled is trying to make it a reality: in collaboration with REEF, the hip-hop mogul has launched Another Wing — a chain of chicken-forward fast-food joints — in 165 cities across five countries (on three continents), including locations in Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

REEF is the world's largest operator of virtual restaurants, or "ghost kitchens." Unfortunately, that means you can't go take your Bob Marley-brand guitar and try to play outside of a local Another Wing location; it's a delivery-only situation.

"Another Wing is the result of DJ Khaled's legendary creativity colliding with REEF's best-in-class kitchens platform — the fastest-growing restaurant business in the world," REEF's Chief Creative Officer Alan Philips said in a statement.

"Everything I do is big," DJ Khaled added, stating the obvious. "My team and I are focused on launching new partnerships, new ideas, and spreading love to my fans all around the world. Partnering with REEF for this launch is another new exciting venture which allows me to introduce some amazing wings to everyone, everywhere."

All he does is wing, folks.

At this point, you're probably getting a little hungry and wondering what's on the menu at the DJ Khaled chicken place, because that's the point we've reached as a society.

Well, you have your choice of bone-in and boneless wings in seven signature flavours like You Loyal! Lemon Pepper, Suffering from Success Sesame Teriyaki, They Don't Want You To Win Truffalo and Honey! Honey! Hot Honey.

But that's not all: there's also tenders. And let's not forget about the side options, which include some healthy extra celery sticks, onion rings and several types of fries, as well as dipping sauces.

Everything from Another Wing can be ordered from your delivery platform of choice, through which we can only assume they'll show up at your doorstep via jetski. To see a full list of locations, click here.

Hear more about the cluckbait from the wing man himself below.

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